New and reimagined paintings

I started this series of images by reimagining the first image-based stories I created. These images came from a place of trauma and resilience. Recreating/reimagining these images was difficult. Somewhere along this journey of creating image-based stories my body refused to recreate the indignities that Indigenous people have suffered. However, I was gifted by theContinue reading “New and reimagined paintings”

Arranging Pretty: Piecing together frameworks for past and present pandemics

Commissioned for A Very Different World, curated by Ngahiraka Mason opening at Te Tuhi on 27 February. These collages help me articulate my experience as a bioethicist who was invited to participate in a process of developing a critical care triage protocol for the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the perception among some that bioethicists are cold and detached,Continue reading “Arranging Pretty: Piecing together frameworks for past and present pandemics”